[VGAG69] – Nhả Khói [OFFICIAL] – T-Akayz – LadyKillah Entertainment/Thế Anh 28

Nhả khói – tác phẩm mới nhất của T-Akayz – LadyKillah Entertainment gây chao đảo cộng đồng Underground Việt. ► SUBCRIBE OUR CHANNEL: ►My fanpage: Sản xuất: LadyKillah Entertainment Đạo diễn: Hoàng Art Độc quyền phát hành: Vồn TV Clip được tài trợ bởi: Bách Chiến Phong Thần – #vontv‬ ‪#‎NhaKhoi‬ ‪#‎Takayz‬ ‪#‎LadyKillah‬ #ssbeast Lyric: […]

Alone: Alan Needs Entertainment (S1, E6) | History

Alan struggles to keep himself occupied during a rainy day in this scene from “Rain of Terror”. #Alone Subscribe for more from Alone and other great HISTORY shows: Find out more about the show and the men on our site: Stream full episodes and exclusive videos: Check out exclusive HISTORY content: Website – Twitter – […]

3D Printing Fashion: How I 3D-Printed Clothes at Home

I embarked on a year-long journey to find a way to print a 5-piece fashion collection as part of my graduate collection at Shenkar. Using soft materials and flexible patterns, I printed this collection at home. Partners:, TechFactoryPlus, XLN, Recreus, BQ. Movie Credits: Producer and Director: Tsafrir Or Giraffa-pop Script: Tsafrir Or, Dan Peguine DP: […]

LPS: 10 Things I Hate About the Movie Theatre / 10 Things I Hate About the Movies

Welcome back to the Pawesome family! Thank you so much for 1K subscribers. ILYSM! Today I’m back with another LPS video: 10 Things I Hate About the Movie Theatre/Movies. Please don’t forget to leave me a comment below letting me know what are some things you don’t like about the movies, and what was the […]

摘花 Rêves de riz |河床劇團 Riverbed Theatre

表演介紹 摘花 Rêves de riz 作品曾獲《普羅旺斯報》選為「亞維儂off藝術節好戲Top20」的河床劇團,繼備受好評的Riz Souffle、Riz Flambe及Riz au lait之後,將帶著「米系列」新作重返亞維儂!Rêves de riz以意象探索生與死、肉身之易逝。它是活體雕塑,是一趟進入「時間」之殘酷的詩意旅程。Rêves de riz拼貼徘徊於夢境與現實、虛實之間的意象,使你沉浸於內心的幽深之處,邀請你一同消逝於表象之下。 本劇靈感來自英國藝術家Sam Taylor Wood於2002年發表的縮時錄像作品A Little Death,作品呈現了一隻兔子死後腐化的加速過程,將典型的靜物畫作轉化為對肉身短暫易逝的寫實冥想。當古典派繪畫大師們抗拒時間的力量、將轉瞬即逝的片刻定格為永恆,伍德卻揭露了生命總會腐朽的暴力本質。 Rêves de riz結合了河床劇團獨特的台灣超現實主義與江之翠劇場的傳統南管樂舞,創造融滙東方與西方、傳統與現代的全新混血演出。 —– Après Riz soufflé, Riz flambé et Riz au lait, trois spec- tacles qui lui ont valu d’être distingué jadis par La Provence dans le Top 20 des meilleurs spectacles du Festival d’Avignon, […]

Escape Entertainment Video – New York, NY United States – En

Get a similar video at Escape Entertainment – New York, NY United States Challenges your senses…Test your Wits…Work as a Team…Escape Entertainment takes live escape games to new heights! The world-class group of professionals who designed our facility and games includes process optimization experts, production professionals, game designers, mathematicians and an elite team of set […]